Why choose Fuyuan paper tube machine?

2022-03-10 18:07:31

We are a famous paper product processing equipment factory. The paper tube machine produced has been welcomed by companies at home and abroad. Paper tubes are mainly used in the textile industry and packaging industry. Our factory can make paper tubes of different sizes according to the different needs of customers.

The provided paper tube production line is designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials and advanced technology to meet international quality standards. Different certificates prove that the machine is suitable for the production requirements of different countries, we have applied for ISO, CE, etc. certificates. We provide various specifications of paper tube production lines to meet the requirements of various customers.
As a customer-oriented organization, we always strive to deliver high-quality paper tube production lines to our valued customers in a timely manner at leading market prices.

Machine Features:
1. High function, higher output, super strong tube
2. PLC control system
3. Pneumatically controlled take-up belt tension
4. Color human-computer interaction panel
5. Adjustable cut size and rewind size

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