Toilet paper roll production line

2022-03-18 18:45:44

1. PLC used in automatic rewinding, automatic delivery of finished products, immediately reset rewinding, automatic trimming, spray glue, sealing synchronization once completed. Instead of the traditional waterline trimming, to achieve a new trimming sticky tail technology, finished products left 10mm-20mm tail, easy to use. To achieve a loss of paper tail, thereby reducing costs.
2. PLC used in the finished product in the rewinding process before the first loose, to solve the finished product for a long time storage, loose core phenomenon.
3. the application of the original paper monitoring system, broken paper automatically shut down. In the high-speed operation of the process, real-time monitoring of the base paper to reduce the loss caused by broken paper to ensure the normal operation of high-speed equipment.

The jumbo rolls are made into long paper rolls by embossing and slitting. Then our paper cutting machine can cut the long paper rolls into short small paper rolls and pack them with a packing machine. flowing to the market.

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