Technical Support


We are committed to the spirit of “Pursuit of high quality, customers’ satisfaction”,with the principle of “the most preferential prices,the most attentive services and the most reliable products’ quality”.That’s our Solemn Commitment to you.


    All machines have passed strict quality inspections to ensure that they will be shipped only after they are qualified.


    In order to ensure the reliability and advancement of the products, we use internationally renowned brand accessories.


    Under the same competitive conditions, our company will sincerely provide customer with the most favorable price on the basis of not reducing product quality.


    As far as possible to meet customer’s requirements, if need to customize and expedited production, we can arrange urgent production to meet customer needs to the greatest extent.


    12 months (calculated from the date of installation and commissioning of the equipment).


    Please sure to read, understand, and follow safety rules and instructions before operating any machine. Only well-trained authorized personnel are allowed to operate any machinery. The operator’s manual should be considered a permanent part of the machine and should always be used with the machine. If you have any questions, please contact a FUYUAN representative.


  • Respond to any questions you have within 24 hours.

  • You will receive a reminder when the machine needs maintenance

  • According to different customer factory conditions, we will recommend different plans for you.

  • Remind you of wearing parts so that you can make adequate preparations

  • Product operation manual and operation video are attached to the machine upon delivery


Experienced engineers and after-sales team will be ready to solve any problems you may have.

Provide technical training for new machine

If there is any problem in the normal use of the machine, no matter where you are, our technicians will show up at the first time.

According to the requirements of customer, to provide users with on-site installation, commissioning and other guidance technical services. During the warranty period, our company is responsible for free repair and replacement of equipment due to manufacturing quality problems.

After the warranty period or the quality problems caused by the buyer, our company will continue to follow up the service, provide solutions to the equipment overhaul in time or send technicians to the site to solve the problems (charging corresponding costs).

During equipment maintenance, according to customer requirements, provide instructional technical services or upgrades for equipment maintenance.

After the products are delivered, sales files are established for users to dynamically track product quality. Conduct annual on-site or telephone return visits and customer satisfaction surveys to users.


In the long run, using the original spare parts of Fuyuan always brings the best value experience to the users. All the accessories in our machines are designed in strict dimensions to extend the service life of spare parts and obtain the best performance and reliability.Make the most of your investment!


Fuyuan Group has multiple industrial bases in Jiaozuo, Zhengzhou,Xuchang, etc., with more than 100 sales outlets around the world, the products are exported to all over the world.

Service has become the starting point and destination of Fuyuan Group’s business activities. In the eyes of Fuyuan people, product qualification is not the standard, but customer satisfaction is the goal. There is no perfect product, but 100% service.

With the goal of building a global strategy, Fuyuan Group continues to enhance its international competitiveness.

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