Facial Tissue Machine

2022-03-03 17:27:50

This machine is Facial tissue V folding machines, Machine speed is about 5600-1000 pcs/min, machine adopt wall type structure, the back stands can double side lifting the jumbo roll, and each back stand with one motor driving, can better control the paper

Function and Features:
1.Our facial tissue paper fold machine equips with pneumatic controlled embossing rollers.
2.This Facial tissue paper making machine adopts wallboard machine frame, machine runs stably, speed is 120meters per minute.
3.It adopts pneumatic jumbo roll loading, stepless speed control and automatic paper tension control.
4.Equipped with Roots vacuum pump which runs stably and supply excellent air adsorption.
5.Equip with steel to steel edge embossment to keep the plies together,embossing pattern can be customized.
7.Machine stop automatically when paper break which decrease production defective rate.
8.Equip with frontal and back jog switch to make the paper feeding simpler and safer.

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