What is napkin paper machine?

2022-02-09 17:57:54

What is napkin paper machine?

No doubt, paper is necessary for every one, it makes our world more clearner and convenient. Regard the bobbin paper rolls as original material, napkin paper machine is used to produce the napkin paper we need in daily life. The whole machine mainly includes paper holder, embossing unit, folding unit, and cutting unit.

Fuyuan machinery offers different type of napkin machine for customers, which includes normal embossing, embossing with one color and embossing with 2 colors machines.

Before putting the bobbin paper rolls on the napkin paper machine, some users prefer to buy the tissue paper jumbo rolls to cut them with the slitting machine as below, it saves more cost for large paper sellers. While, buy the bobbin paper rolles directly is more conveniently for most of us.

Also, after embossing, folding and cutting on the napkin paper machine, users can choose to packing with machine or not. It mainly depends on the scales of final market and budget.

Based on our experience and market survey, the quarter-folded square napkin is more popular, it is widly used in hotels and restaurants. Customization is available on logo, color, and embossment, show the finished product you need, workers in Fuyuan will offer the best solution as soon as possible.

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