How many waste paper need for 3000pcs egg tray?

2022-02-09 17:38:48

How many waste paper need for 3000pcs egg tray?

Have you ever learned about the egg tray making machinery? Did you sent the inquiry to Fuyuan Machinery Manufacturing? If so, what’s your biggest concern question?

During the communication with customers, we found many friends are not clear about the consumption between waste paper paper and water. So here we can analize the pulping and shaping process to show it better.

The major working process of a complete egg tray processing line as above, there are 6 steps of the whole line, mainly include 3 parts: Pulping in the hydrapuler, Shaping with the egg tray machine, and metal drying to remove the water on the wet egg tray. Generally, the consumption ratio between water and waste paper should be 2:1. For example, if you need the capacity 3000pcs per hour egg tray machine, it need about 200kg paper and 400kg water per hour. If it works 8 hours, 1600kg paper and 3200kg water in need. While, at the beginning for pulp mixing, you need to add more water.

Firstly, Water and waste paper are pulled together to the hydrapulper, then you will get paper pulp and adjust the pulp concentration to 4%-5% in the pulp pool.

Next, pulp comes to wet egg tray with the egg tray machine, one tray weighs about
240g which includes 80g paper and 160g water (this is the ratio of 1:2 referred, also the real cost) and the extra water you add for pulp mixing will back to water pulp to recycle.

As a professional paper product making machine factory, Fuyuan hopes every one get the most suitable machine. Feel free to contact us if you have any related questions.

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