How to choose toilet paper production line

2022-02-18 14:33:03

Many friends want to start a new business on toilet paper production, because they are unfamiliar with machines and do not know how to choose. Faced with a variety of suppliers and machines in the market, fell into confusion. 

Today we will talk about this topic, and I will try my best to let you have a clear understanding of the toilet paper production line after reading this news.
The first is the classification of toilet paper rewinding machine. According to the model of the machine, it can be divided into 1575,1880,2400,2800,3000 and other models. The bigger the model, the bigger the capacity.  According to the degree of automation, the production line can be divided into fully automatic production line and semi-automatic production line.  

In general, a production line consists of toilet paper rewinding machine, paper cutting machine and packaging machine.  You can choose the model and machine according to your budget and factory size preset.  

For those who have not done business, it is suitable to buy 1880 toilet paper rewinding machine, with manual band saw cutting and manual sealing machine, this semi-automatic production line is not only fully functional, cost-effective, but also easy operation by the PLC control, covers an area of small, very suitable for family toilet paper processing plant.  

If you have a sufficient budget and are confident in your local market, you can choose a fully automatic production line. The entire fully automatic production line only requires 1-2 workers, which can not only reduce labor costs, but also greatly improve production efficiency.  Of course, as your factory develop, whatever your initial choice, it will eventually move to fully automated production.
In a word, the selection of toilet paper production line needs to be based on your budget and factory scale. The best supplier should be like Henan Fuyuan Machinery Manufacturing, which has its own factory, can provide customized services for you, and has professional engineers to design production line for you.  

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