Saudi client facial tissue machine production line case

2021-12-31 10:14:00

In July 2021, a Saudi client asked for a facial tissue machine production line. The facial tissue size is 200*200mm, the machine’s working speed is up to 180 meters per minute, the final product has embossed patterns, and the final packaging method is carton packaging.

Customer-specific requirements:

The size of facial tissue is 200*200mm

The working speed of the machine is up to 180 meters per minute

The final product has embossed patterns

The final packaging method is carton packaging

According to customer’s customized requirements, our communication process with customers:

According to the customer’s customized production requirements and understanding of the budget range, we have equipped the customer with a 4-row automatic facial tissue machine (adding embossing pattern customization) + two semi-automatic carton packaging machines. Satisfy the customer’s requirements for output and meet the customer’s budget range.

Design drawings of embossing patterns sent by customers and customized embossing roller patterns.

Before the customer pays the final payment, the machine’s inspection video and the final product’s embossing effect are determined.

After the customer confirmed that it was correct, the shipment was arranged in early September 2021.

This is the feedback video of the machine received by the customer——-

Machine picture and final product picture display——-

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