Vietnam customer non-woven lazy rag and toilet paper roll rewinder production line case

2021-12-31 10:46:37

In January 2021, Vietnamese customers asked for a non-woven lazy rag and toilet paper roll rewinder production line.

Customer specific requirements:

1. The final product size is 20cm long * 8cm diameter, the diameter of the paper tube core is 45mm, and the hole spacing is 30 cm.

2. The final non-woven fabric + pp product has embossed patterns

3. The final packaging method is a single roll heat shrinkable package + heat shrinkable film containing advertising paper

According to customer’s customized requirements, our communication process with customers:

1. According to the customer’s customized production needs and understanding of the budget range, we are equipped with PLC intelligent touch automatic 2100 model rewinder (configured with embossing roller with non-woven deepening engraving plate + semi-automatic band saw paper cutting machine + Fully automatic single-roll shrink packaging machine (equipped with automatic advertising paper device). It meets the customer’s requirements for output and meets the customer’s budget range.

2. The embossing pattern design drawing and customized embossing roller pattern sent by the customer will be deeply engraved on the embossed steel roller three times to ensure that the embossing pattern can be printed on the non-woven material.

3. Before the customer pays the final payment, confirm the inspection video of the machine and the embossing effect of the final product. After the customer confirms that it is correct, the shipment will be arranged in early March 2021.

The customer has installed the picture of the machine———–

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