Case of British customer paper medical bedpan production line (egg tray making machine)

2021-12-31 10:06:22

In May 2021, a British client asked for a paper medical bedpan production line. The raw material is pure wood pulp. The specific paper medical bedpan style needs to be customized.

Problems faced by customers:

The factory rent in the UK is very expensive, and I want to save the production area as much as possible.

Personal customized molds are required, and the products produced must be exactly the same size as the drawings they designed.

According to the customer’s problem, our solution:

Our engineers designed a more space-saving production layout according to the customer’s factory size requirements. Then, according to the factory where the customer has a great intention, we obtain the factory size, design a customized production layout, and determine the final production layout plan with the customer.

The customer sent the design drawing of the final product. Our engineer made detailed changes to the customer drawing according to the customer’s drawing and the production principle of our machine. After a week of negotiation, the mold customization plan was finally determined.

And after the machine production is completed, our factory inspects the customer’s machine, and the finished product is sent to the UK for confirmation with the customer. After the customer confirmed that it was correct, the shipment was arranged.

Picture display of delivery in August 2021——

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