American Customer——Automatic toilet paper production Line

2022-03-18 18:52:24

Benefit from the good policy of our government, our machines are exported to all over the world. In USA, there are lots of our customers and they speak highly not only our products but also our good service.

Ivy’s customer in Huston who wanted a toilet paper production line knew little about the product. Ivy taught him how the machine works and how the customers will get benefit from the line through pictures and videos. She helped the customer to look for a factory site and make the marketing survey. We know there is time equation between China and USA. All the negotiation took place at night.

To satisfy customer’s needs, our company and she add some new functions which are never used before. She made a word file to help the customer understand the power of the machine.

At last, our customer was very happy to place the order. He also said he wants to take long cooperation with Fuyuan machinery.

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