Libya customer napkin paper production line

2022-03-09 18:09:21

In March 2020, a Libyan customer requested a napkin production line.
Problems faced by customers:
The outbreak of the epidemic has affected customer sales, and customers prefer lower-priced machines and wants discounts.

According to the customer’s problem, our solution:

The epidemic is both an opportunity and a challenge. The survey results show that the paper product industry has not been affected by the epidemic, and the epidemic has made people pay more attention to hygiene, and the sales of the paper industry are even more popular than before.

In terms of the price discount, we have adjusted different configurations to customers according to the requirements of customers, and provided customers with more suitable prices through the discount of activities in special time.
According to the customer’s output and printing requirements, our company has configured different embossing and print designs for customer’s choice, and finally achieved the output desired by the customer.

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