Venezuelan custom mold and paper making machine

2022-03-25 15:55:52

On September 7, 2020, a Venezuelan engineer came. This engineer has excellent R&D and manufacturing capabilities. He has deep knowledge in machinery such as paper machines and egg tray machines. Through their own research, customers have manufactured egg tray machine production lines and corrugated paper machine production lines.

Problems faced by customers:
The egg tray machine produced has no mold, and then the size of the mold on his molding machine is different from our standard mold. The corrugated paper machine lacks configuration such as forming rolls, refiners, and meshes.

According to the customer’s problem, our solution:
According to the customer’s request, we carefully connect the technical information with the engineer to help the customer solve the problem that the mold panel is too small. The two parties reach a consensus to produce the egg tray machine plastic film that meets the customer’s needs.

We produce plastic molds for one week. We have calculated the corresponding transportation costs to customers in advance and contacted the customer’s freight forwarder in advance to ensure that the molds are transported quickly and save transportation time.

Check the configuration of the entire corrugated paper machine production line of the customer, design the drawing production line and determine the placement of the configuration. Provision of supporting programs. To ensure that the configuration provided by our factory is fully in line with the customer’s requirements.

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