A short story of mutual growth and cooperation with Ghanaian customers

2021-12-31 11:20:19

When the customer sent an inquiry to our company for the first time, they planted a mustard seed, and we continued to give the customer nourishment, and finally helped the customer build a perfect company.

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, we began to negotiate with the customer about the customer’s needs and machine parameter information. After 3 months of discussion, the transaction was finally reached.

During the negotiation, I learned that the client is indeed a very motivated young man, very serious and hardworking every day. At present, it is the business of selling facial tissues. Because I understand this industry, I plan to produce and sell it by myself. Then I find our company website to purchase our napkin machine project.

When customers pay the deposit, they are paid in installments. It took 3 times to pay the deposit. After the machine was completed, when the final payment was paid, there was no funds, because the napkins purchased by the customer themselves were not sold well, and there was no good marketing plan, which caused the customer to be unable to pay the final payment and deliver the goods.

In order to let the customer arrange the delivery more quickly, raise enough money, and give the customer some marketing plans. After 3 months of hard work, the customer finally raised enough money, and then arranged the final payment, and the goods were shipped smoothly. Because the marketing plan recommended by the customer before, the customer used it very well.

After the customer received the machine, he quickly put into production, because the customer already has a lot of scheduled buyers, and the sales volume is very good. The customer will be very good after 4 months. Almost profitable.

Then the customer also plans to start the toilet paper machine production line. In March 2020, the customer purchased the 1575 toilet paper machine production line, and then began to expand the factory, increase the scale, hire workers, and become a well-known paper towel manufacturer in the local area.

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