What products can egg tray machine produce?

2022-09-02 19:31:47

As a paper pulp molding equipment, egg tray machine can not only be used to produce egg trays. You can obtain diversified products by changing the mold. Paper pallet packaging products are becoming more and more popular in the market because of their convenience, safety and environmental protection. So what products can we produce with the egg tray machine?

The above picture shows us a variety of samples, all of which have been customized by our customers, with a very rich variety. So what are the different requirements for molds for products with different shape products?

In fact, ordinary plastic molds can only be used to produce egg trays, while products with complex shapes such as egg boxes and cup holders need to use aluminum molds with higher quality and accuracy. And it needs to be matched with a hot press molding machine, which will make the finished product more beautiful and attract customers.

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