Different models of Paper Tube Machine

2022-09-09 17:24:06

Most customers will be confused about the machine model when they want to start a paper tube production plant. How can we choose a paper tube machine that is suitable for us? Fuyuan paper tube machine mainly has three models, which are used to produce paper tubes of different sizes and can be applied to various industries.

The first is the smallest model FY-4060 paper tube machine. It is specially used to produce toilet paper cores. Most of our customers will buy it at the same time as they buy the toilet paper production line. It can produce paper tubes with an inner diameter of 40-60mm and a thickness of 2mm. Its advantages are favorable price, small floor area and simple operation.

The second type is FY-2150 paper tube machine. This is our most popular model. It can produce paper tubes with an inner diameter of 20-150mm and a thickness of 1-8mm. This machine can produce paper core paper tubes for most daily necessities. And PLC control system can be selected, with high automation and high production efficiency. The application range of finished products is wider.

The third type is FY-4250 paper tube machine. This is one of the most common industrial paper tube production machines. It has four heads and has stronger pipe winding force. It can produce paper tubes with larger diameter, thickness and hardness, which are used for various paper cores and paper tubes in industrial production. And it can be equipped with a fully automatic rubber rack, saving labor and making operation more convenient.

In addition to the above three main models, our company also has a larger model of paper tube machine, which can hold one person in the tube. And our company also produces kraft paper Slitting machine, paper tube cutting machine and so on, which can meet your one-stop procurement needs.
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