What is the embossing?

2022-08-06 16:52:13

Embossing function is a common function in our daily life. It can make flat objects more fluffy, and can press text, symbols on the surface of the object. Therefore, the embossing process has been widely used in various industries such as clothing, packaging, and paper products.
Because embossing can make the surface of the tissue more beautiful, and customers can add their own logo or favorite designs, most customers will choose the embossing function when purchasing a machine.

For napkins, embossed napkins can make the original flat paper machine thicker. Under the same amount, the embossed napkins appear to be more numerous. In addition to that, the embossing function of the napkin machine is free and there is no additional charge for the customer.
The embossing of the rewinder is different. In addition to full embossing, the rewinder also has edge embossing. According to the needs of different markets, customers will choose different embossing designs. Full embossing is mostly used in western countries and African countries, while edge embossing is favored by more Asian customers.
Facial tissue embossing also involves edge embossing and full embossing, but edge embossing is more popular.
In addition to making the paper towel more beautiful, embossing can also increase the friction on the surface of the paper towel, so that the paper towel has a better cleaning effect.

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