Why choose an automatic toilet paper production line

2022-07-01 18:34:07

Nowadays, more and more people choose toilet paper production lines which has automatic and semi-auto production line. After all, efficiency is the core competitiveness of every industry. Choosing equipment with a high degree of automation can not only reduce manual operations, but also improve efficiency and reduce our costs. Today, I will take you to learn about the automatic toilet paper production line!
The automatic toilet paper production line usually includes three equipment: automatic toilet paper rewinder, automatic paper cutter and automatic packaging machine.

The production efficiency of automatic toilet paper rewinder is higher than that of ordinary toilet paper rewinder. The roll function achieves the goal of not needing manual operation. After rewinding one roll of paper, it can automatically rewind the next roll, so that the produced long roll paper is transferred to the automatic paper cutter for automatic cutting. The paper cutting action is accurate, and the cut surface of the roll paper is flat. Compared with ordinary paper cutters, the speed is fast and the stability is strong, with a stable speed of 100-120 cuts per minute.The automatic toilet paper packaging machine is connected with the automatic paper cutter, and the slit toilet paper is automatically bagged and automatically sealed.

Only one person can meet the requirements in the whole process, which not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also saves money, labor, reduces production costs! The price of the toilet paper production line is affected by factors such as the manufacturer and the configuration of the equipment, so when you choose a toilet paper production line, don’t just compare the data and price, it is recommended to go to the manufacturer of the equipment you are using to inspect and compare the quality of the equipment configuration, speed and stability.
The quality of toilet paper depends on the quality of the toilet paper production line, so choosing a good toilet paper production line is an essential condition for us to do toilet paper processing.

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