Automatic Toilet Paper Roll Packaging Machine


Packing Speed:50 rolls/minute

Packaging Size:Customized

Automatic:Full automatic


Full Automatic single roll plastic bag packaging machine for toilet paper roller

This machine is a horizontal pillow type automatic packaging machine, which can automatically complete the bag making, wrapping, sealing and cutting of the cylindrical film roll. It is suitable for the continuous packaging of single or several pieces of fixed-shaped items. For different product packaging requirements, the vertical seal can be bottom edge seal or side edge seal.

This machine is suitable for the packaging of instant noodles, bread, biscuits, bowl noodles, bottled lactic acid drinks and other foods. It is also suitable for the packaging of daily necessities and industrial parts such as medicines, cosmetics, soaps, etc. The machine has a wide application range and can be adjusted to quickly meet different sizes. Packaging of items.


The automatic toilet paper roll machine production line mainly includes three machines:

1.PLC intelligent touch automatic rewinder machine

2.Fully automatic band saw paper cutting machine

3.Single -roll automatic packaging machine

4.Muti-roll packing machine

5.Supporting customized conveyor belt and sorting machine


Mainly imported electrical components, Japan Matsushita inverter, Omron PLC, packaging machine host with 12 thick steel plate welding, stainless steel countertops, with mechanical anti-cutting and photoelectric anti-cut function.

1.It adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) control to reduce mechanical contacts, low system failure rate and more stable and reliable operation;

2.Frequency control, change the packaging speed, just rotate the potentiometer knob connected to the inverter;

3.The main box is welded with 12mm thick steel plate, and the post-weld heat treatment eliminates internal stress. High-speed operation does not shake, the box will never be deformed, and the machine life can reach ten years;

4.This machine adopts a toothed chain type continuously variable transmission, which can change the length of the bag by rotating the handle;

5.Digital display function, which can directly display bag length, packaging speed, sealing temperature, output, etc.

6.Two-way photoelectric tracking system can ensure that the film is cut at the required position and the cutting point is accurate;

7.Automatic positioning and parking function ensures that the film will not be burned when the machine is stopped.

8.The leakage protection switch installed in this machine can ensure the safety of people and machines.

9.There is an emergency stop switch and a shield at the front of the sealing knife to prevent the operator from injuring the hand during misoperation;


Machine Model


Packing Speed

50 rolls/minute

Packaging Size



Full automatic

Control System

PLC Control

Power Configuration


Required air pressure

0.5Mps(The Self)

Outline Dimension


Machine Weight



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