The Story Of After Sales Service

2023-09-28 17:42:42

Product: Egg tray machine         Country: Indonesia

On March 8th, I joined this company and on April 10th, a client from a former colleague came to me for help. They encountered some problems during the production process and hope to receive my help. I am very happy and willing to help him.

Even if customers send messages on weekends, I will respond promptly and provide feedback to our technical manager, who will provide professional solutions. The customer is also very cooperative with us, patiently debugging the machine parts. Finally, with our joint efforts, the customer’s machines began to be put into normal production. We appreciate each other’s support.

Now, due to the increasing variety of chickens in the chicken farm, customers need new molds to produce egg trays for small eggs. Due to the different weight of eggs, it is difficult for them to determine whether the size of the egg tray can achieve the desired effect. After communication, we have decided to send egg tray samples to customers so that they can choose the one they most want.

If the customer has any problems, we will definitely provide feedback and solve them as soon as possible. As long as it can meet the needs of customers, we don’t mind any trouble. If you also have a need for egg tray machines, please leave a message below. We will contact you as soon as possible to help you start your business as soon as possible.

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