Russian customers——Paper cup machine

2022-09-30 19:06:46

 As new product in Fuyuan machinery, Fuyuan takes this very serious. Fuyuan team spent 3 years studying advanced technology, doing R&D, testing the machine. They purchase good quality parts from famous brands in China. After-sale, they will provide best service for their customers as usual.

Ivy, a salesgirl of Fuyuan machinery, is very responsible for her customers. She usually regards her customers as friends and always helps them solve very difficult problems. For example, this paper cup machine order, the customer wants to produce different sizes of cups. He has to customize different sizes of molds. From the beginning, Ivy helped him change layout of molds for 5 times. Every time, they talked more about details and she explained everything carefully to the customer in order to make sure the customer can use the machine easily.

Our aim is to provide customers with good quality products and best service.

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