Paper cup production line

2022-09-30 18:58:09

A. Paper cup automatic forming machine has the advantages of high performance, high efficiency and high quality.
B. The indexing of the station plate adopts an open cam, and the advanced high-precision cam drive and gear transmission make the forming of each station accurate.
C. Maintenance and lubrication are more convenient and simpler than the closed splitter. The transmission parts in the machine have large space, is easy to operate and maintain, and are superior to similar products on the market in all aspects.
D. Servo tracking backing paper ensures the size of the cup backing paper, ensures the size of the cup backing paper and effectively saves raw materials.
E. Human-machine interface PLC system controls the long-term stable operation of the whole machine.
F. The reasonable setting of automatic counting cup table can replace the busy work of manual labor.
G. The automatic paper cup forming machine has over-cup detection, cup cylinder forming detection, and automatic shutdown alarm for faults.
H. This paper cup machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, waste and dust are not easy to fall into the machine, and the inside of the machine can be kept clean and tidy, so as to ensure the efficient operation of mechanical transmission.
I. Using ultrasonic welding system, multiple fans operate at the same time, increase heat dissipation, speed up cooling, and keep the machine at a proper temperature during operation.


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