Paper Tube Machine Sent To United Arab Emirates

2023-03-24 18:37:29

Sarvesh is an engineer of a large textile company in the United Arab Emirates.

When winding non-woven fabrics, paper tubes need to be used as the inner core, so Sarvesh’s company often needs to purchase large quantities of paper tubes. Purchasing from external suppliers will increase their costs, so Sarvesh put forward a new idea: purchasing the Paper Tube Machine to produce their own paper tubes for their non-woven fabrics.

Sarvesh said that the size of the paper tube they often need is: thickness 20mm, inner diameter 150mm. FY-4250B paper tube machine can just meet his needs. After checking the detailed parameter list and technical scheme, he was very satisfied with the machine.

At present, Sarvesh’s machines have been shipped and are being sent to his country. Before that, our engineers tested the machine for him and checked the every parts to ensure the quality.

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