Mexican 1000p/h Egg Tray Machine Customer

2023-11-11 18:07:05

Mr. Roberto runs a farm in Monterrey, Mexico. Now he wanted to add some new sources of profit to his business, so he found our company.

The paper tray produced by the egg tray machine are products that every farm needs to consume every day. The cost of purchasing from egg tray suppliers is much higher than the cost of producing egg trays by yourself, so Mr. Roberto expanded his new production area . In the process of learning about the egg tray machine, Mr. Roberto discovered that this pulp molding machine can produce various types of paper tray products as long as the mold is replaced, so he purchased additional products based on the products on his farm and his market research. Two other types of molds – paper cup tray molds and fruit tray molds. I believe these rich new products will add more profits to Mr. Roberto’s farm.

When establishing the production site, Mr. Roberto encountered a problem: the site area was limited and it was impossible to dry the finished products on a large scale. After learning about his confusion, we recommended him the oven drying machine, a set of drying equipment that only requires 20 square meters and could dry 1,000 egg trays per hour. This will greatly improve the production efficiency of egg trays and solve the problem of production delays due to weather.

At present, Mr. Roberto has received his machine. Based on the dimensions of the production area he provided, our engineers customized a machine layout design plan for him. I believe that his egg tray factory will open smoothly soon and become more and more prosperous.

If you also need to expand new business, you are very welcome to contact us at any time. In order to provide you with better services and products, we sincerely look forward to your inquiry and suggestions.

This set of machines was sent to Mexica. We hope our machines can bring benefits and convenience to this customer and the local area. This has always been our pursuit.

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