How do clients in Mali start new projects?

2022-02-24 17:56:50

This client is Drama from Mali.

He is the owner of a local chicken farm. In order to facilitate the storage and transportation of the eggs produced, he has always wanted to start the project of producing paper egg trays.

At the end of July 2020, Dramace sent us the first inquiry for a small output paper egg tray production line. According to the customer’s requirements, we gave him a 1000pcs/hour small egg tray production line.

After nearly half a year of preparation, in March 2021, the customer decided to start purchasing egg tray machines. So we sent the customer a pro forma invoice including freight. Even though the price increased a little over last year due to the rise in the dollar exchange rate and raw materials, he still made the first deposit without hesitation. In the process of machine production, the customer also added a set of molds for 10 egg boxes.

After the production of the equipment is completed, we have carried out strict quality inspection and trial operation of the machine, which fully meets the quality standards.

After the goods arrive at the customer’s farm, we provide the customer with machine installation instructions, pictures and videos, and guide some small details of the machine installation and operation at any time.

After 15 days, the customer has produced satisfactory products, and said that he will buy a larger output egg tray machine production line later to enrich the types of products produced by his own equipment. Fruit trays and industrial packaging products are his future choices.

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