Ethiopian Customer–Toilet Paper /Facial Tissue/Napkin Machine

2023-08-11 15:11:32

Amir is a friend from Ethiopia who previously worked in the construction industry.

Recently, he discovered that the sales of toilet paper rolls have a very broad market in Ethiopia. As a consumable that people use every day, toilet paper rolls have a very easy to develop customer base and rich profits.

So Amir and his friends decided to start researching the production line for toilet paper rolls. With our detailed introduction and assistance, Amir ultimately chose the fully automatic single-packaging toilet paper production line. Single-packaging will make his finished paper rolls more exquisite and competitive compared to ordinary bulk packaged toilet paper.

Afterwards, Amir examined other related paper products and found that facial tissue paper and napkins had the same hot-selling characteristics, and the consumer group was similar to toilet paper. He will save on the cost of developing customers and gain profits from all three products simultaneously. So he decided to increase the procurement of tissue machines and napkin machines.

At present, all machines have been produced and the engineering has completed the debugging. Amir is very satisfied with the samples produced by his machines and looks forward to receiving his machines and starting production as soon as possible.

Let’s congratulate Amir’s paper product factory on its thriving business !

If you also want to start your own paper product processing factory, please feel free to contact us for the most favorable quotation.

Also, we will provide you with the highest quality machines and the most perfect service.

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