Stone Crusher Send To Peru

2023-06-30 18:21:32

The Delivery Case Of A Peruvian Customer

A month ago, the Peruvian customer came to me and said that he planned to start a new project and needed a sand making machine. He asked me to recommend suitable equipment. Our company is professional in providing sand and stone crushing equipment. On the same day, I recommended suitable equipment. After a few days of conversation, the customer recognized it very much and confirmed the order with us, and finally arranged the production smoothly. Even if it is a new customer, we try our best to meet the customer’s requirements and are serious and responsible. We completed the production on time within one month, and booked a suitable shipping schedule this week. When sending the loading picture to the customer, the customer is very satisfied with our schedule Great praise for the delivery, and I look forward to more cooperation in the future.

Here are the shipping pictures:


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