How to choose egg tray machine?

2022-04-07 18:40:25

Egg tray making machine to process all kinds of waste paper into egg tray ,egg box. Especially suitable for farm use. For the egg tray machine line, it includes pulp making line, egg tray forming line and drying system. If customer has enough space and for Africa country, for small capacity, Such small capacity as 1000 pcs/h, 1500 pcs/h. it can choose by natural drying,no need drying system. Although, if want high efficiency, and land is large, can choose brick kiln drying.

If for large capacity, like more than 4000 pcs/h, and for America country in rainy season, had better choose metal drying, which has highest efficiency, occupy small land.

For egg tray machine, about the maintain for daily use, just need to give grease regularly,  consumable part is just egg tray mesh.

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