• Toilet Paper Slitter Machine
  • Toilet Paper Slitter Machine

Toilet Paper Slitter Machine

Model: 1575-2800

Power: 3.5 kw

Process control: PLC

Working speed: 180 m/min

Raw paper width: 1800-2750

Machinedimension: 5000*2500*1600mm

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Toilet paper plate machine is widely used in toilet paper shaft, non-woven fabric, air-laid paper cutting rewinding, slitting width, layer number can be adjusted according to need, quick speed, stable running, simple operation, is the paper mill or cutting and ideal facilities for the production of paper products plant. 

Technical parameters

Model 1575 1880 2400 2600 2800
Raw paper width 1800mm 2200mm 2350mm 2550mm 2750mm
Raw paper out diameter 1500mm other size,please specify
Raw paper inner diameter φ3”(76.2mm) other size,please specify
Finished paper out diameter φ1200mm other size,please specify
Finished paper inner diameter φ3”(76.2mm) other size,please specify
Process control PLC
Working speed 180 m/min
Back paper frame 1-3 ply
Min slitter width 100mm
Above knife group Each knife group adopts independent pneumatic horizontal moving mechanism
Embossing device Steel on steel,steel on glue (if need,please specify)
Power 3.5 kw
Machinedimension 5000*2500*1600mm
Function characteristics
1, horizontal paper back rack: base paper give expulsion-typely, pneumatic belt paper, each roll of paper are independent tension adjusting device.
2, the nose structure is compact and reasonable, put high volume frame with low center, convenient operation.
3, points and tangent speed can be stepless adjustment, to adapt to the cutting and rewinding of different material, in order to achieve the highest productivity.
4, dual pressure light device, make the paper more soft