v fold facial tissue paper making machine/box facial tissue paper machine

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 The Tissue Paper Making Machine is after cut by knife roller shear interaction base paper, folded into a chain of rectangular. This machine adopts vacuum adsorption, automatic stacking counting function, and has the advantages of high speed, simple operation and other advantages, folded neatly.

Specifications of Facial Tissue Paper Machine:
1.This machine adopts vacuum absorption technique and mechanical hand assistant folding principle, which can automatically fold and count tissues.
2.The products finished by it are convenient for packaging.
3.Machine will automatically stop when paper breaks so that to avoid waste products producing.
4.The machine adopts inching drawing jumbo rolls principle which makes operation simple and safe.
5. It is designed according to CE standard and equipped with emergency safety device.

 The Parameter of Facial Tissue Paper Machine:

(II) Embossing part: (optional)
(III) Unwinding part:
1. Base paper max. width: 1300mm
2. Base paper max. diameter: 1200mm
3. Paper core inside diameter: 76.2mm
4. Two-layer pneumatic unwinder, with pneumatic paper feeder
5. Paper tension adjusting device: manual adjustment
6. Base paper left and right aligning device: manual adjustment
(IV) Driving part:
Synchronous toothed belt or flat belt is adopted for driving.
(V) Control part: 
1. Control mode: variable frequency speed control
2. Counting control mode: electric eye sensing, counter setting, left and right staggered counting device
3. The machine is provided with inching and emergency stop buttons.
(VI) Vacuum system:
Taiwan Long tech air pump 1 set

(VII) Pneumatic system:
Pneumatic system pressure: > 4kg/cm2 (provided by customers)
Features of Facial Tissue Paper Machine:
1. Automatic counting, the output fold by fold. 
2. Adopt helix cutter, and vacuum adsorption folding. 
3. Decoiled paper with timing controlled, can adjusted well the tension of base paper. 
4. Electric control and gas system. It is easier to operation. 
5. The width of tissue can be adjusted, that will be convenient for customers to sell.