• Fourdrinier Multi-Can Culture Paper Making Machine

3200 mm culture paper making machine

Gram weight: 40~80g/m2

Net paper width: 3200mm

Working Speed: 60~120m/min

Capacity: 30t/d

Raw material: waste paper or virgin pulp

Final product: culture paper,book paper , A4 paper

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Culture paper machine is the specilized equipment to produce all kinds of culture paper.Culture paper machine is divided into fourdrinier type and cylinder type, the working speed can be 120-500 m/min, the net paper width can be 787-4400mm, the gram weight of paper can be 50-100 g/m2,the production capacity can be 3-150 tons per day.We can recommend best suitable configuration according to customer’s requirement.
The leading products for culture paper machine is advanced culture paper, A3 / A4 paper, writing paper, copy paper, newsprint paper, bible paper, carbon paper, notebook paper, calligraphy paper, electrostatic copy paper for office work,and etc.
Paper machine is mainly consisted of head box, the net department, press section, surface sizing machine, paper calender, paper winding machine,the steam condensate system, ventilation system, vacuum system, spray water system, pneumatic system, etc.
Technical data
Output paper Culture paper, writing paper, A4 paper, newspaper
Gram weight 40~80g/m2
Net paper width 3200mm
Working Speed 60~120m/min
Capacity 30t/d
Drive Way AC frequency conversion speed regulator. Processing transmission
Rail Gauge 4000mm