box corrugated medium paper making machine/fluting paper production line

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Corrugated paper,also called corrugated medium paper, fluting paper, mainly used as the package material, high strength, brown color. Full bleached or the half bleached . 
Most are jumbo rolls, some are sheets. The corrugated paper is generally made into carton box. paper core raw materials
it use waste carton or wood pulp as raw material,through pulping ,grinder, bleach ,cyliner mould, dryer can, then can be corrugated jumbo rolls.
from paper jumbo roll to sheets, it need a rewinder ans slitter, then to different size paper jumbo roll, also can cutting into different size.
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Model(mm) FY-1092 FY-1575 FY-1760 FY-1880 FY-2100 FY-2400 FY-2880 FY-3200 FY-3600
Net paper width 1092mm 1575mm 1760mm 1880mm 2100mm 2400m 2880mm 3200mm 3600mm
Capacity(T/D) 5-7 10 12-15 15-20 25 30 40 50 70-80
Rail gauge(mm) 1900 2400   2600 3100 3400 4100 4300 4600
Work speed 80-150m/min
GSM 80-200g/m2
Raw material Waste carton, wood pulp
Output paper Corrugated medium paper