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surface sizing machine

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 Surface sizing machine is the support device of paper machine, which enhances the physical performance of paper by verifying the interstice glossiness between the filled paper fiber and paper fiber after paper sizing has been conducted. The glossiness of the paper surface and the grade of the finished paper have been increased after drying and press polishing.The drive system of this surface sizing machine is built in paper machine. This machine adopts top and bottom sizing. All the rollers have drive. Compressed, squeeze chemical glue between two rollers into the paper according to technological requirement of the paper and then transmit it to the next procedure through down spreader roll.

Primary technical features:

Trimmed width:1575-5000mm
Design speed:600m/min
Working speed:200-500m/min
Linear pressure:30N/cm
Applicator roll:Ø550-Ø900mm
Sizing rubber-faced roller:Ø550-Ø900mm
Rigidity of sizing rubber-faced roller:Shore“A”95±2°; ;Shore“A”100±2°
Tilt angle:30°,15°
Pressing way:Pneumatic pressurizing control
Driving method:Arranged together with paper machine drive