1500 PCS titling egg tray machine

capacity: 1500 pcs

forming mould: 4 pcs

transfer mould: 4 pcs

consump: 175 kg/hour

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 Egg tray machine uses waste paper as raw materials to produce different kinds of products according to your requirements, such as egg trays, egg cartons, egg boxes, apple trays, fruit trays, industrial trays, seeding trays etc. Our machine include pulp making system ,forming system and drying system.This production line mainly used for the products with simple structure but in big quantity, such as egg trays, fruit trays, cup carriers and disposable medical care products

Tilting egg tray machine is suitable for 1000-1500 PCS capacity, also for a small capacity.

It is a new machine comparing with reciprocating egg tray machine.

this machine mainly include three parts:

Pulping system: Hydrapulper ,Pulp pump ,Air compressor,agitator,Self priming pump,pulping machine.

Forming system: Full automatic egg tray forming machine, Vacuum pump , High pressure washer,Negative pressure tank , mould, Transfer mould, baler .

Drying system: There are 2 kinds of drying system. One is metal, the other is brick. The conveyor plate can be one layer and multi-layer, direct combustion hot air circulation. Using the imported or joint venture brand burner (domestic uses the stove bar), equipped with an automatic control cabinet. 

  Other types can be choosed:
Machine Type Capacity Forming Mould Transfer Mould Waste Paper Water
FYE-800 800 pcs/hour 3 pcs 3 pcs 90 kg/hour 170 kg/hour
FYE-1000 1000 pcs/hour 4 pcs 4 pcs 115 kg/hour 225 kg/hour
FYE-1500 1500 pcs/hour 4 pcs 4 pcs 175 kg/hour 360 kg/hour
FYE-2000 2000 pcs/hour 8 pcs 2 pcs 220 kg/hour 450 kg/hour
FYE-2500 2500 pcs/hour 12 pcs 3 pcs 290 kg/hour 570 kg/hour
FYE-3000 3000 pcs/hour 24 pcs 3 pcs 350 kg/hour 690 kg/hour
FYE-4000 4000 pcs/hour 32 pcs 4 pcs 465 kg/hour 920 kg/hour
FYE-5000 5000 pcs/hour 36 pcs 3 pcs 490 kg/hour 975 kg/hour