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Significance of Waste Paper Recycling

According to expert estimates,the use of one ton of waste paper to produce paper pulp 800 kg,equivalent to 3 m³ of wood pulp and paper savings,saving 1.2 tons of standard coal,saving 600 kw,water-saving 100 m³,can be less cut 17 large tree,saving 3 m³ of landfill space,it can also save more than half of the paper energy,35% less water pollution.

Summarized as follows:
1.Save raw materials and increase production
2.Reduce pollution,protect the environment
3.Save energy,reduce energy consumption,compared with wood pulp,less cost than chemical pulp
4.Saving investment,reduce the costs,only 25%-30% of the cost for chemical pulp.

Disadvantages:fiber recovery times are not unlimited,strength of the fiber will decrease.Recycling of paper types is limited,mainly newsprint,cardboard and etc.