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Daily Used Toilet Tissue Paper

Toilet tissue paper,mainly for people's daily life and health,it is one of the indispensable kind of paper.

With mechanical method in order to make the toilet paper is soft,factory usually made of paper wrinkles,increase the flexibility of toilet paper.
There are many raw material can be used to produce toilet tissue paper,such as,cotton pulp,wood pulp,bamboo pulp,straw pulp,recycled paper pulp and other natural raw material free from pollution.Toilet tissue paper require the raw material of non-toxic chemical and corrosive skin stimulating mycosis toxic bacteria residue.

The characteristic of toilet tissue paper is strong water imbibition,no pathogenic bacteria (pathogenic bacteria such as e. coli is not allowed,the total number of bacteria per gram paper weighs no more than 200-400),paper quality soft,uniform thickness,no uniform holes,corrugate,colour consistent,not contain impurities.

If produce 2 ply small toilet paper roll,it should also pitch punching, pinhole, clear, easy tear and neat.If produce colorful toilet tissue paper, it need join the configured pigment into paper pulp before paper making machine.