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The Dryer Can Of Paper Making Machine

The dryer can is hollow and is circumferentially grooved along the length of its inner surface, a plurality of collector conduits extend axially along the casing. Suction pipes project from each collector into respective ones of the grooves for sucking condensate. A siphon pipe is connected to each collector for siphoning off the collected condensate. The siphon pipe is insulated to reduce the temperature differential between the interior and exterior thereof. The suction pipes are shaped and/or spaced so that the suction pipes are able to remove a greater amount of condensate from the grooves in the vicinity of the siphon pipe than from the grooves in the remainder of the length of the casing, for attaining more uniform drying performance by the dryer can across the width of the web .For example the suction pipes in the vicinity of the siphon pipe may have a greater diameter or there may be a greater concentration of suction pipes in that vicinity.