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How to start a business for Toilet tissue project

 As investment in plant tissue industry novice, and set up factories in the former, it is necessary to understand some of the information industry. Only a clear understanding of the processing done before, we will not have more detours to go, here to explain to you.

A local market research

In the local market study is to investigate the main sales channel for local consumption, because each region, consumption of each city is different, higher level of consumption in some areas, some areas of low consumption, high consumption and low consumption of the city cities with the toilet paper is not a quality, high and low points in the toilet, so be sure to examine what major local market place, with the quality level of consumption of toilet paper in which class.

Second, what kind of products

After market research later, which means you have to do is roll cored or coreless paper tubes, which produce more. This will help you select the device and the degree of automation in the financial situation is not very well-off, reducing start-up costs, equipment manufacturers will be to your specific functions to be described in detail.

Third, the purchase of raw materials

Toilet paper processing to do, the first thing to consider is toilet paper semi-finished products, semi-finished products are made of toilet paper toilet paper after processing a critical success factor, so I chose a cheap toilet paper semi-finished products manufacturers to become the most important issue to consider business friends.

Toilet paper there are many different names, such as the axis of paper toilet paper, toilet paper, paper bar, every place and perhaps there will be many different names. Toilet paper is normally provided by the web and to measure the diameter size, measured by the gram weight coupled with other factors, such as the choice of pulp, the thickness of lines, the difference between the tensile strength and whiteness for different grades of paper . Do toilet paper toilet paper raw material processing to select the paper web is the best time to calculate in advance, so you can control the production and processing cost savings in raw material basis.

IV bags to buy

In professional production of packaging bag manufacturers buy their choice of bags, bag manufacturers to be doing their own brand, after all the big brands are to start small.

Fifth, the choice of manufacturers

Toilet paper toilet paper processing equipment directly affects the production, the quality of toilet paper toilet paper in the device determines the crimping process weight, tightness and breakage and other factors, although we can not see the device, but can be observed by the weight of the paper and tightness to judge. Shop around when looking at the device, you should pay attention to the quality of equipment, the internal configuration, degree of automation, and safety of operation, do not blindly look do not look at the price of quality equipment.