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how to make toilet paper and buy a assurance paper machine

how to make toilet paper and buy  a assurance machine ?  it will be the problems for many small investors.

As a professinal factory in this area for 32 years, we can assist you in these problems.
we can offer full production line from waste paper to super packing toilet paper roll in supermarket.
low cost invest and our engineers can installation and debugging machine in your country.
we can train your workers and promote their skills.

toilet paper machine main parts:
1) pulping part: high consistency hydrapulper, vibration screen, up-flow screen, double disc refiner,pulp pump,disander
2) cylinder part: cylinder mould, felt , roll
3) dryer part: knife and dryer can , paper rolling
4) processing part: rewinding machine ,cutting machine, bobbin slitter machine , auto-packing machine and so on.
5)other parts:  boiler,air compressor

High quality machines will make your facoty more efficency, so investors buy the machine, should compare the parts.
if you have any problems in toilet paper ,pls contact us!