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South Africa waste paper recycling rate reach 70%

Recently, the South African Paper Recycling Association announced the recycling rate of waste paper in 2017. With the joint efforts of consumers and recycling companies, South Africa recycled 13 million tons of waste paper, waste paperboard, waste paper cartons and liquid packaging in 2017, equivalent to filling 1,539 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
Wu Sula Humberley, Director of Operations, South African Paper Recycling Association
We are pleased with the latest data as the data shows that our recycling volume is increasing. In 2015, the association set a target of 70% recovery by 2020, and this goal was achieved three years ahead of schedule.
In the past six years alone, more than 7 million tons of paper and packaging paper has been recycled and reused in South Africa. If bundled, this number will cover 1,273 football fields with a depth of 1 meter. Wusula Humberley said that those who recycle companies and carry out recycling work in the country are behind the scenes.
Jane Moroni, Executive Director of the South African Paper Association
While the recycling rate of waste paper has increased, the consumption of paper, especially printing and writing paper, has been declining, so that in 2017, we stopped a newsprint machine. This also led to a decline in actual production from 1.4 million tons to 1.3 million tons.
At the same time, Jenny Moroni said that the annual per capita paper consumption in South Africa has dropped from 50 kg in 2011 to 40 kg in 2017. The reason is the replacement of electronic media and the lack of economic growth in South Africa. Our consumers are very tight at hand and can no longer afford extra costs. Compulsory taxation only increases the price of packaged products.